AA Welcome to Live MBTA Subway Mapping by Stefan!
NOTE: This MBTA train mapping page is new and not finished yet. However, the core map functions are done and work well!
This map version uses the very newest MBTA data feed, which is completely different from the previous data feeds going back to 2014.
Also see my Live MBTA Commuter Rail (Keolis) Map.
See the instructions and options at the bottom of the page for how this works, and what you can do here. There are many ways to customize how the trains are shown!
Last app revision: 2021-04-12, 6:33 PM
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  1. Choose a line:
  2. Follow one of these trips:
    or you can just Right-Click on a marker on the map to follow it!
  3. Marker display options:
    Show train heading arrow:
    Show train info on marker:
    Show verbose marker labels:
  4. Marker label options:
    Choose a label:
  5. Map movement options:
    Pan & zoom to fit:
    Each time show/hide options are changed, automatically move & zoom the map to fit only the visible markers:
  6. Show only trains which have had their location changed or updated in the last:

    (Note: The last position change / update could be from train movement
    or just from the marker loading on this map.)
  7. Show on the map only the trains which have their next arrival or departure within:
  8. Marker Clusters:
    On (default on mobile devices)
    Note: When enabled, marker Clusters can be momentarily disabled by pressing "Shift" at any time.
  9. Turn the Google transit map layer:
    On (default)
  10. Find your location: 
    Follow your location: 

Instructions & Information:

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This application © 2021 by Stefan Wuensch.
Note: Train information is from the MBTA and is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.
Questions? Comments? Contact Stefan via Railroad.net! Register for free and then you can contact StefanW via personal message.
The data behind this app is provided by the MBTA. Contact developer@mbta.com
The MBTA is not responsible for this application - only the data that feeds it.
Stefan is not responsible for inaccurate data from the MBTA - only the visualization of that data.



To-Do list
  1. Add station KML layer with detailed information for each stop.